Practical information

Where is Pigna located?

Pigna is situated in the Ligurian Alps in the western part of Liguria, approximately 18 km from the Mediterranean Sea.

Finding Via Casai 15

It's important to note that you cannot drive directly to the door since it is a medieval town with narrow alleys.

If you try to find the address Via Casai 15, Pigna, on google maps, you might get a reference that the address is in Castelvittorio, the neighbouring town. Don't let this confuse you. This is probably because the historic centre of Pigna has very narrow streets that Google has a hard time with.

The easiest way to find the house is to start at the restaurant Sul Ponte (with the sign Bed & Pizza). Close to the restaurant, you will find good parking options, and the bus stops there. At one side of Sul Ponte, there is a bridge ('ponte') over the river. On the opposite side of the road, you should walk up Via Ponte and follow it for about 100 meters until you reach Via Casai on the right-hand side. From there, simply climb the stairs and follow the road to number 15 underneath one of the arches. There's actually no house number, but when you reach number 17, you have to go back one house.

Of course, there are other paths that lead to the house. You'll find out when you get there. For example, by looking at one of the city plans that are posted.

I will provide additional practical information (including details about the keys) via email and/or SMS as the rental period approaches.